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A Panoramic View of a New Infringement Lawsuit

A University Is Accused of Misusing a Photo of the Gateway Arch

On January 25, 2022, Panoramic Stock Images, LTD ("Panoramic") filed a lawsuit against Washington University in St. Louis ("Wash U"), for alleged infringement on a panoramic image of the Gateway Arch ("the Work") found on the Plaintiff's website.

Photo by Intricate Explorer. Pexels

In its complaint, Panoramic accuses Wash U of copying "Panoramic’s copyrighted Work in order to advertise, market and promote its business activities." The plaintiffs further argue that "[a]fter Wash U copied the Work, it made further copies and distributed the Work on the internet to promote the sale of services as part of its institute of higher learning business."

Once the Work was allegedly discovered on Wash U's website, Panoramic asserts that it "notified Wash U of the allegations" and claims that "the parties have failed to resolve th[e] matter."

Wash U has not yet responded to these allegations. We will continue to follow this case and provide updates.