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Photographer Alleges Copyright Infringement by Utah Boarding School

An Aerial Photographer Complains that Wasatch Academy Posted Protected Photograph on Its Website Without Permission

Photo by naraa .in.ub on Unsplash

An aerial photographer based in New York City recently accused Wasatch Academy, a boarding school serving grades 7-12 based in Mount Pleasant, Utah, of copyright infringement.

The complaint, filed on September 8, 2021, in the Federal District of Utah, alleges that Wasatch Academy posted one of the photographer's registered works, "Aerial Photo of Manhattan at Dawn," on the "Admissions on the Road" section of its website without permission or a license. In doing so, the photographer asserts that Wasatch Academy infringed on his exclusive rights of reproduction and distribution as the copyright holder.

As recompense, the complaint asks the court to declare that Wasatch Academy's "unauthorized conduct" violated the photographer's rights under the Federal Copyright Act, and enjoin Wasatch Academy and its affiliates from copying or republishing the photograph or otherwise infringing further on the photographer's copyrights. Additionally, the complaint seeks an accounting by Wasatch Academy for "all gains, profits, and advantages derived" from the alleged infringement, actual and statutory damages, reasonable attorney's fees, and "other further relief as is just and proper."

The complaint was only filed recently, and Wasatch Academy has not yet filed an answer or otherwise taken official action in this matter. Our office will continue to follow this case and provide relevant updates as the litigation progresses.