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University Magazine Leads to Infringement Suit

On November 9, 2019, photographer Julie Dermansky (“Dermansky”) filed a complaint against New York University (“NYU”) under § 501 of the Copyright Act for the alleged unauthorized reproduction and public display of a copyrighted photograph she took at a Donald Trump rally ( the "Photo").

Dermansky asserts that she regularly licenses her photographs to online sources and print media for a fee. According to the complaint, NYU included the Photo in an article on it's website entitled, A Gender, Divided. Dermansky states that NYU did not license the Photo, nor did it have consent or permission to publish the Photo on its site.

Dermansky claims that NYU willfully infringed her copyright by reproducing, publicly displaying, and distributing the Photo in violation of §§ 106 and 501. Dermansky is seeking actual damages and NYU’s profits or statutory damages and attorney’s fees.

We previously reported on a similar case filed by Dermansky against the University of Colorado.