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The DMCA Goes South for the Winter

Copyright holder sues Florida college over alleged failure to comply with DMCA takedown requests.

On December 1, 2020, Brian Dodd ("Dodd") filed suit against the St. Petersburg College Board of Trustees (the "College"). According to Dodd's Complaint, the College, which is located in Florida, has infringed upon his copyrighted works over the course of a decade and has refused to stop the infringing activity.

Dodd is self-represented, and the details in his Complaint are sparse. However, it appears from the exhibits included with the Complaint that Dodd sent repeated DMCA takedown requests to the College. These requests are concerned with the actions of three particular College faculty members and with content uploaded to the College's computer servers.

The works in question, for which Dodd has provided certificates of copyright registration, are a book titled Anonymity and a film titled Surviving Straight, Incorporated. For the use of these works Dodd requests extensive relief, including two billion dollars in punitive and compensatory damages.