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It's a Wonder This Didn't Happen Sooner

Sorority Refuses to Remove Copyrighted Song "Age of Wonders" from YouTube Video

On August 30, Charming Beats filed a Complaint against ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY for infringing on the copyrighted song, “Age of Wonders.” The sorority used the song in creating a music video called “Building Bridges Together,” and they released the video on YouTube in May 2018, removing all copyright management information associated with the track.

At first, the owners of the copyrighted track were hesitant to file a complaint against the defendant and instead chose to notify the sorority of the copyright infringement. The sorority then ignored the notice and kept the video up on YouTube. So, several months later, Charming Beats issued a cease-and-desist demand for the defendants to take down the infringing video.

Again, the defendant chose not to remove the video with the copyrighted song. After nearly a year of the sorority refusing to abide by the copyright of “Age of Wonders,” Charming Beats has now taken the matter to court, and at the time that they filed the Complaint, the infringing video was still being viewed on YouTube.

ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY has not yet responded with an Answer, but we will continue with updates on the case going forward.