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University Denies Piracy Accusations

The University of Rhode Island asserts numerous defenses in response to allegations of piracy and DMCA violations

We previously reported on a lawsuit between a software company and a university. Earlier this year, Synopsys filed a lawsuit alleging that the University of Rhode Island ("URI") engaged in piracy and violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by having more than 135,000 uses of counterfeit license keys on its computer network.

Since we first reported, URI has filed its Answer. URI asserted many defenses, and claimed that its “conduct was innocent, non-infringing and not a willful infringement of any copyright” and that “Synopsys’ damages, if any, were caused by third parties over whom URI had no control.” URI claimed that these parties were “persons over whom URI had control” and that “the actions of such persons were outside the scope of their employment and/or agency.”

URI also alleged that “Synopsys delayed filing the Complaint against URI for more than three months so that it could enlarge the time period over which Synopsys could claim damages under its asserted claim”

As always, we will continue to provide updates as they become available.