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Faculty and Instructional Designers Resources

Find helpful copyrighted resources for Faculty and Instructional Designers.

Copyright Strategies for Faculty Outside the Classroom

The following recommendations apply to sharing materials with students outside the classroom for educational purposes.

Resources and Tips for Using:

    • The Public Domain
      Do as much research as needed to determine whether an image is in the public domain.
    • Fair Use
      When relying on fair use consider whether images are contributing to student learning, whether they are creative, and whether using the whole image is reasonable for your educational purpose
    • Creative Commons Licensing
      If you use an image shared under a Creative Commons license, pay attention to the terms of the license.
    • Flickr
      Wikimedia Commons
      Stock Photos
      Also pay attention to the terms and conditions of any website offering stock photos under a free or paid licenses.
    • BYU Library Streaming
      Consider hosting an in-person screening on campus for students enrolled in the course.
    • Collections (e.g., Kanopy,Naxos Video Library, Digital Theatre Plus)
      Avoid streaming without a license (live or on-demand).
    • Free video streaming platforms (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo)
      Avoid posting to LMS, Link to YouTube, Vimeo, or similar streaming platforms.
    • JustWatch
      Check JustWatch for independent streaming options (e.g., Netflix, Prime, Paramount+
      Consider licensing the film for the course through a distributor such as Swank or Criterion Understand that relying on fair use to share an entire movie with students outside the classroom is
      difficult (though not impossible).

    • Before sharing slides, check whether you need to make any changes to make them more copyright compliant for use outside of the classroom.
    • Keep textual quotes to a reasonable size and scope.
    • Embed videos or include URLs/hyperlinks instead of hosting copies of videos or sound recordings on the slides.
    • Use images from one of the options included above or from PowerPoint’s library of stock images.

Contact the BYU Copyright Licensing Office for further assistance.