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Free Music Resources

All members of the BYU community—faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and patrons—are expected to respect the rights of copyright owners. When copyrighted content is needed, it should either be a) obtained from an authorized source, b) analyzed for a fair use, or c) covered by the teaching exemption when only used in class. Please refer to our Fair Use and Teaching and Copyright tabs for more information on when those exemptions would apply. Or contact our office for guidance on specific situations.

Although BYU does not endorse any particular sources of copyrighted content, the following resources may be helpful to members of the BYU community who are seeking legitimate sources of online content. In many cases, such content is available at no cost under a creative commons license, or in the public domain and free to use for any purpose without paying royalties.

Fatty’s Music – Music licensing service for multimedia projects. Includes music by many BYU graduates.

Friendly Music – Music licensing platform; YouTube Partner.

Jamendo – Royalty free music by independent artists.

The Music Bed – Licensing source for popular indie music.

Music Dealers –Music licensing platform providing pre-cleared music and custom song creation for content creators. – Royalty-free music for non-profit and non-commercial uses for students and faculty at educational institutions.

Song Freedom – Music licensing platform for photographers and cinematographers.

Triple Scoop Music – Indie music licensing platform.

Audio Jungle – Library of professional background-style tracks. Licensing begins at $20.

Amper Music – Cutting edge company that allows you to create customized soundtracks via artificial intelligence.

Pond5 Music – Library of music where live composers submit music to be featured. Relatively cheap and fairly fresh, modern-sounding. They also offer other stock services for images, footage, SFX, etc.