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The Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act (“TEACH Act”) allows for the performance or displayof certain copyrighted works in online/remote instruction. The TEACH Act attempts to balance the benefits of robust and creative teaching with the rights of a copyright holder, acknowledging the ease with which copyrighted works can be infringed in an online setting.

The following chart provides a few illustrative examples of how the TEACH Act may (or may not) apply to various remote instruction activities.

TEACH Act May Apply* TEACH Act Does Not Apply**
Streaming reasonable and limited portions of a movie or TV show during a remote class session Reproducing and uploading a full-length movie or TV show for students to view outside of class
Streaming a full-length nondramatic musical work during a remote class session Recording and sharing a student performance of a full-length dramatic musical work
Quoting lengthy excerpts from a nondramatic literary work during a remote class session Distributing book chapters, journal articles, or other readings to students digitally
Displaying images during a remote class session in an amount comparable to a typical live classroom session Reproducing and distributing large collections of images

*Other conditions of the TEACH Act must be satisfied (see Requirements tab above)
**Other legal exemptions, including fair use, may apply

TEACH Act Guidelines

1. TEACH Act Requirements
2. Ephemeral Recordings