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Learning Pathways

Tailored, role-based training

These training pathways correspond with the five employee copyright categories in the Copyright Certification Program.

You can see which lessons are included in which Learning Pathways below. All lessons are completed through BYU's Learning Management System. As you can see, some video lessons apply to all five employee categories, while others are category-specific.

If you feel that you fit into more than one Employee Category, please use the Roles Selector Tool to be guided to the correct course on the training LMS.

Lesson Titles and Employee Roles Administrative Gatekeepers Media Specialists Licensing Specialists Faculty and Instructional Designers Librarians, Archivists, and Curators
Basics Introduction x x x x x
Sharing Introduction x x x x x
Exemptions Introduction x x x x x
Fair Use Introduction x x x x x
Licensing Introduction x x x x x
Public Domain x x
Social Media Publishing x  
FUEL x x x
Creative Commons x x  
Open Educational Resources x x x
Church Owned Content x  
Social Media Permissions x  
TEACH Act x  
Classroom Exemption x  
Nonprofit Performances x  
Library Exemptions x  
Music Licensing   x  
108 Eligibility/Overview   x
Private Study Copies   x
Preservation Copies   x
ILL Copies   x
Last Twenty Copies         x