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BYU Blanket License Agreements

Use BYU Blanket Licenses

If you cannot find public domain music that meets your needs, you may be able to rely on the university’s blanket public performance licenses. These blanket licenses cover livestreaming of millions of musical works*, if you adhere to the following conditions:  

  1. make only nondramatic performances of musical works; 
  2. stream the live performance from a URL or any other URL operated or maintained by BYU (e.g., you cannot stream from your department’s social media platforms);  
  3. do not make the performance available for later viewing after the live performance. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Musical works controlled by Global Music Rights (GMR) are not included in BYU's blanket license agreements. Thus, GMR music is not licensed for livestreaming at BYU. To determine whether a particular song is in the GMR catalog, visit, or contact the BYU Copyright Licensing Office for assistance.