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Streaming Guidelines


The following guidelines apply to live musical performances of BYU groups that are livestreamed. For additional assistance, refer to the Streaming Musical Performance Flowchart located at the bottom of the page under Resources.

If you are looking to stream recorded musical performances in an educational setting, visit the BYU Copyright Licensing Office TEACH Act webpage for information and resources.  

If you are performing live in an educational setting which will not be livestreamed or otherwise recorded and posted online, your performance likely qualifies under the “classroom exemption” for performances that occur in the course of face-to-face teaching activities in a classroom or similar place devoted to instruction. See 17 U.S.C. 110(1) or visit the BYU Copyright Licensing Office Face-to-Face Classroom Exemption webpage for more information.  

BYU Streaming Guidelines

  1. Obtain Talent Releases
  2. Use Public Domain Music If Possible
  3. Use BYU Blanket Licenses
  4. Obtain Permission If Needed